Keep You Rolling™

Our Keep You Rolling™ service means that if some part of your bike isn’t fixable in time for you to ride the next day, we have spare forks, shocks, brakes and wheels that we can rent to you for a reasonable price whilst we work on fixing your problem part. We know you’re only here for a short while and there’s nothing worse than being on a bike trip with no bike!

Please note, these are example items that we have to keep you rolling. Actual items may vary (i.e. boxxers instead of 888’s). You cannot book these items in advance, they’re for people in real need on the day - not for you to test out a new fork or brake! 

Also note, these prices do not include fitting to your bike. This service is available, but will incur an extra charge.

And another thing: Should you break our stuff as well as your stuff, you’ll have to pay for a replacement - and politely suggested to ride a little smoother :)

Prices per day

All prices below are labour costs. Any parts needed are in addition to these costs. Anything not listed will be charged at a rate of €60/hour.
DH Fork rental
Rockshox Boxxer
AM Fork rental
Rockshox Pike
Wheel Rental
Brake Rental
Sram Guide